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Marlene’s “Courses in Cooking” is a reliable site with a new recipe updated each month (from her book and TV series) and a photograph of the dish as garnished.  

The mission of the cooking courses given in her Beirut professionally equipped kitchen is to improve the abilities of the home cooks through a rewarding learning experience by teaching the basic cooking techniques, with emphasis on organization in preparing dishes and how to mix and match recipes to prepare menus for all occasion with a fresh approach to food preparation.

Class size is limited to12 students allowing them easy interaction with the chef where learning is a pleasant experience in a friendly atmosphere.   All levels of students may follow with ease the simplified and easy to understand steps of every recipe where preparation is performed in front of the students. 

Class lasts for three hours with a coffee break and cookies at mid time.  Food prepared, which is a complete menu of three dishes, is served to the student.


Marlene’s “Courses in Cooking” follows these objectives:

  • To teach techniques of cooking and to improve the person’s cooking skills.
  • To achieve an organized method of preparing a recipe in the shortest possible time.
  • To acquire a wider knowledge of products available in the market and how to use them.
  • To acquire the skill of preparing menus perfect for every season, holiday and occasion.
  • To learn how to garnish dishes and how to present them.
  • Appreciation of good food.

Mante Mante Mante
Mante -Video In Arabic Language
Rayya's chicken with Cream Rayya's chicken with Cream
Rayya's chicken with Cream -Video In Arabic Language
Chinese Chicken with Apricot Jam Chinese Chicken with Apricot Jam
Chinese Chicken with Apricot Jam -Video In Arabic Language
Video Light Fish with Rice and Cumin video Light Fish with Rice and Cumin
Light Fish with Rice and Cumin -Video In Arabic Language
Chocolate and Walnut Squares Walnut and Date Pastries (Maamoul)
Walnut and Date Pastries (Maamoul)
Walnut and Date Pastries (Maamoul) -Video In Arabic Language
Video Chocolate and Walnut Squares Video Chocolate and Walnut Squares
Chocolate and Walnut Squares -Video In Arabic Language
Squid Cooked in its Ink Squid Cooked in its Ink
Squid Cooked in its Ink -Video In Arabic Language
Video Chocolate and Walnut Squares
Recipes Ideas

Green Beans in Olive OilNew Green Beans in Olive Oil: A traditional Lebanese vegetarian dish prepared in a healthy and quick method eliminating the frying process.

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Prawn Curry with Mustard Seeds:Prawn Curry with Mustard: Here is a magic prawn curry, quick to prepare. The sauce is thick and clings to the prawns. The dish should be hot to balance the sugar i the recipe.

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Chocolate muffinsChocolate Muffins: Very easy to prepare muffins. Serve them warm while the chocolate inside is still melting; left to cool, the chocolate will solidify, but they will also be delicious.

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Mafroukeh BaidaMafroukeh Baida (Semolina Clotted Cream and Nut Dessert): Mafroukeh Baida is a Lebanese sweet, easy, quick to prepare and excellent for a crowd.

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French Onion SoupFrench Onion Soup: The most famous of French soups; tender cooked onion in a beef stock topped with grilled bread and grated Gruyere cheese.

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Steamed Fish Fillet Cantonese StyleSteamed Fish Fillet Cantonese Style: A very easy and quick to prepare Chinese fish recipe. Ingredients: 3 servings, 1 skinless boneless fish fillet...

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Meat Stuffed Cabbage LeavesMeat Stuffed Cabbage Leaves: A Lebanese dish, easy to prepare, roll and cook. It is served as a main dish.

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Low Calorie Chicken Breast with VegetablesLow Calorie Chicken Breast with Vegetables: A delicious recipe for dieters that has about 300 calories per person.

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Irish BreadIrish Bread: This is a quick to prepare bread with cumin seeds and baking soda, as a leavening agent. Ingredients:
To make one bread loaf, 20 cm diameter...

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Chinese Fried RiceChinese Fried Rice: Fried rice is a dish served mainly with other foods that contain sauce. The rice is always cooked in advance and cooled then fried with various ingredients such as meat, seafood and vegetables.

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Quick Pasta with YogurtQuick Pasta with Yogurt: It takes 10 minutes to prepare this recipe; the time needed to boil the pasta. It is an ideal low calorie dish for a couple after a night out in the theatre, or a working man living alone.

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Mortadella from AleppoMortadella from Aleppo: A very easy to prepare and tasty mortadella that is very handy when guests arrive as it freezes very well and may accompany any salad.

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