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Canapé 1:  Smoked salmon rectangles        

1.  Slices of smoked salmon cut into long strips about 5 cm wide.

2. Bought tarama mixed with lemon rind and chopped chives or sour cream mixed with chopped salmon and chopped chives as stuffing.

3. Place stuffing along the length of the each strip and roll starting at long side. 

4. Cut rolled salmon into 5 cm lengths.

5. Place on 5 x 2 cm. Pain de Mie crustless bread slices.

6. May be prepared a day ahead.  Keep refrigerated.  Serve cold or at room temperature.

Canapé 2:  Shrimp filo cups

1. Filo pastry cut into 6 cm. squares, with a small filo square in the middle for reinforcement, brushed with melted butter on both sides and baked 5 minutes in small muffin cups till golden.

2. Fill with a mixture of small cooked shrimps, mayonnaise, mustard, and chopped dill or chives.

3. Prepare all ingredients a day before.  Keep filo cups tightly closed.  Cover filling and refrigerate.  Fill cups 1 hour before serving.  Serve at room temperature.

For decoration: 

Lemon zest, dill or chives.

Canapé 3:  Paté rosettes

1. Bought grilled canapé squares or Pain de Mie slices, crust removed, cut into 3½ cm diameter rounds.

2. Paté of your choice such as chicken liver paté or goose duck paté mixed with little cream till spreadable consistency. 

3. Pipe on top of bread using decorative nozzle.

For decoration:  Sliced small cucumber pickles, finely chopped red and green bell pepper.

Prepare few hours in advance.  Cover, refrigerate.

Canapé 4:  Roquefort Puffs

1. Mix 100 g. Roquefort cheese with 2 stiffly whipped egg white and place on bread cups (see below), bake 5 minutes in very hot oven.

2. For bread cups:  roll fresh Pain de Mie bread till thin, cut to squared and place in small muffin cups, or cut Arabic bread to squares.

3. May be prepared a day ahead.  Better served hot directly from the oven.  They puff when baked and then go down.

For decoration

Red and green bell peppers finely cubed

Canapé 5:  Spotted Bresaola

1. Cut Pain de Mie slices to 3½ cm diameter rounds and place on top a dab of butter.

2. Sprinkle thickly grated Parmesan cheese on bresaola slices, 7 to 8 cm. in diameter, and fold on itself over bread cut into 3½ cm. rounds.  Attach with a toothpick.

3. May be prepared a day ahead.  Serve at room temperature.

Smoked salmon rectangles
Paté rosettes
Spotted Bresaola
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