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"Ma'idat Marlene Min al Shark wa al Gharb" (2005) contains over 400 recipes selectively chosen by Chef Marlene with over 600 colored photographs.

One third of the recipes of are Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes and the rest international cuisine such as Italian, Chinese, French, Indian, and American.


The book provides a step by step explanation for the preparation of each recipe to insure its success, with alternative ingredients for lighter version of the same recipe, and with information to the busy housewife for prior preparation.

Maidat Marlene Min el Shark wal Gharb



“Marlene’s Best Recipes from East and West” (2010) has around 200 recipes in English with color photographs of exquisite dishes as well as Arabic and western desserts.


All recipes are presented in a comprehensive, precise and simple manner for optimum results, along with professional tricks and tips and substitute ingredients to reduce calories if needed.  You will find also enclosed many suggestions and advise for working people to prepare recipes beforehand.



Marlene's Best recipes


“Ma’idat Marlene min Halab" (2012) reveals a collection of authentic Aleppian dishes with 217 recipes from the rich repertoire of Aleppian cuisine and 550 colored photographs of the various dishes with historical landmarks of Aleppo the city. 

The book has been approved with the seal of the Syrian Academy of Gastronomy and the International Academy of Gastronomy.

“Ma’idat Marlene min Halab" follows the same explicit step by step explanation to every recipe that won her fame through her fist book "Ma'idat Marlene Min al Shark wa al Gharb" that was partially translated to English titled “Marlene’s Best Recipes from East and West”.

Book Maidat Marlene min Halab


“Nights of Lebanon” presents a spectrum of the best 17 Lebanese dishes of appetizers, salads, soups, vegetarian dishes, seafood and desserts. Chef Marlene Matar have made it easy for beginners and non-Arabs to prepare such important dishes as sayyadieh (seafood with rice and caramelized onion) and the famous shawarma (thinly sliced beef cooked with spices and served with pita bread). The famous old recipe of layali loubnan (nights of Lebanon) prepared with Mouhalabieh (milk custard) kashta (clotted cream) and apricot.

The book came out in Belgium published by The Chef’s Cut and is available at Amazon.com.


Book Nights of Lebanon
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